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Vanya Shtereva’s Third Space

Actress, composer, singer, writer, script writer and…creator of third spaces. Room No.5 is one of the most creative places in Sofia, where countless ideas can be born.
I am…Vanya Shtereva.
In the office, I am…I’ve never had an office. I always live and work in a third space, only I’ve never called it this.
Outside the office, I am…in another creative space.
Ideas are born, when…it’s not really clear when because they don’t have a specific starter.
The third space for me is…daily life.
Because…I’ve never worked in an office or a conference room.
My personal third space is…Room No.5 – we made it with a friend of mine Ralitza Anganki to be able to meet in downtown Sofia.
In the third space I feel…cozy and expecting to have something wonderful happen to me. And it does.

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