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Mitko Pavlov’s Third Space

I am…Dimitur Nikolaev Pavlov, 35 years old. From Sofia. My height is 180cm and as of this moment 82kg.
In the office, I am…every work day from 7.30 until 12.00 and also two afternoons from 13.00 until 17.00. In the office I am in a roll. Just Mitko.
Out of the office, I am…Dimitur Nikolaev Pavlov. From all angles.
Ideas are born, when…the mind is free.
The third space for me is…Rodopi Mountain. The sea. The South Park in Sofia. A house in the mountain. One specific terrace in Plovdiv.
Because…these are the places where I can truly relax. And at the same time generate various ideas.
My personal third space…Plovdiv. The terrace, I mentioned earlier.
In the third space I feel…myself.

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