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Drago Simeonov’s Third Space

I am…collector of events and emotions, however, I wear the mask of journalist and radio host. Sometimes my secret identity shows up in my work (actually it happens often). My name, however, always stays Dragomir Simeonov.

In the office I am…there, even if I am not. It’s a good think it’s a nice place. Actually I’ve never called it that exactly.

Outside the office…I am way more flexible and dynamic. Usually this happens outside working hours. I use ‘flexible’ in the literal sense as well.

Ideas are born, when…the conditions are right for them to be born. This doesn’t necessarily always happen. Sometimes it’s by chance, other times it’s planned, but it’s important for the conditions and environment to be right and to be related to something you like.

The third space for me is…the free space, where you define your own limits.

Because…I like to be able to concentrate, while I gaze unfocused at the sky. Even if it doesn’t help it’s still good for the eyes.

My personal third space is…the Zaimov park. I am not sure whether it’s the energy of the place itself or the influence of my friends, but there I’ve had some of my best ideas. And some of my not so good ideas as well.

In my third space I feel…different. I am not totally relaxed, neither to alert. But I always keep in mind to not mix it with the office itself or the work meetings. If this happens I will lose it.

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