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Galia Georgieva and Gerogi Lozanov’s Third Space

Is it possible to call the beauty and the intellect to be called a third space? For Galia and Georgi the intellectualizing and finding of beauty in the everyday life is the most normal way of living.
We are…Galia Georgieva and Georgi Lozanov – a family, despite that it’s not obvious from our names, clothes or manner of speaking. Our jobs are related, despite the fact that in theory they should be rivals. I (Galia) am a PR of Sofia Municipality. And I (Georgi) am a teaching journalism and from time to time I am chairman of the media controller.
In the office, we are…separated. Because they are about 7km apart. I (Galia) have never been to his office. And I (Georgi) am trying every free minute to be in hers. The guard probably thinks I work there.
Outside the office, we are…socially active, happy, ironic, the people that by the way we are in the office as well.
Ideas are born, when…you least expect them to and the best are the ones that you even don’t notice.
The third space for us is…Galia: a walk around the city, constantly gazing upwards looking for roofs that I want to turn into gardens. If I have the chance to do this than, I would have found the third space and the fourth dimension of the city life. Gerogi: my third space is the media – the camera, the mic, the newspaper. Some say I am overindulging but what does it mean to ’overindulge’ in a time of overproduction of images. It’s too early for me to have a lawn with veggies.

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