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In our blog we will share with you short stories about design and ergonomics, studies related to the office environment, technologies and trends, information about our products, projects and campaigns. Hopefully what inspires us will inspire you too! Enjoy reading!

Sibina and Asen Grigorovi’s Third Space

We are…Sibina Grigorova – a person with many talents except for music. Asen Grigorov – an unacknowledged artist and republic youth champion in track and field.
In the office we are…inside your TV. There we are Sabina Grigorova and Asen Grigorov. But this happens once a week on Saturday between 9.00 and 11.00 when we host “Life and other things” on the Bulgarian National Television. We don’t really like the office space which doesn’t mean that we are not working. Our office is whenever our mobiles and laptops are.
Outside the office we are…not really different except for the amount of humor.
Ideas are born, when…there’s a productive combination of stress and adrenaline.
The third space for us is…where you can lift your feet of the ground literally and figuratively.
Because…we can’t imagine how a person in a suit behind a desk can create ideas.
Our personal third space is…very often a table in a restaurant or coffee house. Our job is related to talking and communicating and rarely with alone time. Ever since the technology for mobile internet developed, the work space is not what it once was, say 5-6 years ago, when for you to be able to work you needed fax, printer, lots of cables, stationary phones and other objects that collect dust today.
In the third space we feel…here we should probably say “good.” The truth is whenever we are there we don’t appreciate it, however it’s absence is clearly noticed.

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