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Kalin Terziiski’s Third Space

I am…Kalin Nikolov Terziiski, 43 years old from Sofia.
In the office I am…actually I don’t have one and I’ve never had because I am a writer.
Outside the office I am…same thing, a writer. I am a writer when I am near the mountains or the valleys or the fields.
The third space for me is…something wonderful. A place where I feel both alone and with other people simultaneously. A place that makes me eager because I know I’ll have productive time. This is the place where my ideas are born. While I sit, watch or walk.
Because…the unobtrusive presence of quiet, positive and mature people both calms me and helps me direct my concentration inward.
My personal third space is…at Starbucks in the mall near my home. I like to write there.
The third space makes me feel…cozily inspired.

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