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Geri Turiiska’s Third Space

Exactly as her site, the Story-Teller, is not just a blog, but rather a feeling, so is Geri Turiiska not just a singer for Rubikub or creator of a bunch of interesting projects in Sofia, but a feeling that leaves you smiling surrounded by many colors. We expected her third space to be just as colorful as herself.
I am…Geri.
In the office I am…working at maximum capacity.
Outside the office…same thing.
Ideas are born, when…you listen.
The third space for me is…the place where it’s either silent enough or loud enough to make you have thoughts or say things that are adventurous.
Because…there is nothing better than being in the place you want with the people you want.
My personal the space in the city is…the Zaimov Park. During the summer, when you lay in the grass and look at the sky…also at the beach near the sea.
In the third space I feel…free.

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