Lounge Areas / Sofas & Seating Systems


Asienta has the ability to blend luxurious comfort with functional design. The chair has aluminium frame with cube-shaped seats. The upholstery is soft providing comfort to the sitter.

Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: jehs + laub


Asienta is offered in a selection of high quality covers in leather and textile. The cubes form creative patterns from the traditional shapes inspiring a feeling of relaxation and providing comfort to the sitter.

Asienta is offered as individual chair, as a two or threeseat sofa or as a bench. The range has a low table that complements the series that can have chromium-plated, matt-polished or coated frames.


The straight lines in the design of Asienta create a feeling of order in every interior. The soft covers make a nice contrast that softens the features of the design making it even more appealing. Asienta can have combinations of various frame surfaces, covers and top materials for the low table in the series.