Ficosota Syntez Office


FS, founded in 1994, is a leading Bulgarian company in the manufacturing of products for personal and home care. Ficosota creates and dictates the modern standards in the Bulgarian industry by investing in new technology, the development of its brands, the qualification and motivation of its employees. In line with this motivation for being trendsetters in everything they do the company choose Herman Miller for its offices.
However, the first reaction of the mangers was skeptical as to why their employees would need such furniture and whether the investment would be worth it. Workspace went through a series of presentations in front of both the management and the employees in order to fully explain the benefits of ergonomic sitting, the features of the different chairs and the benefits of a modern office space such as increased productivity and motivation. As a modern company that puts a lot of emphasis on the work environment and aims to make every employee feel as part of a family these presentations were a key point in the negotiations of the project.
Ficosota chose to hire Zoom Studio for the interior design of their first office with the goal to create place where new ideas can be born and where people would feel motivated and inspired to meet the expectations of the market. The basic idea was for the desks to have a clear cut and stylish line that would complement the office rather than attract the attention to them. For the seating every employee could choose the colors for their own Mirra with their name tag on it in order to personalize their own workplace. Mirra was excellent choice in this aspect with its wide range of colors that give it a fresh and modern look.
An interesting part of the process was the presentation on colors that Workspace did for the company that aimed to show why people choose the specific color for his/her own. The result was a very colorful selection that reflected the diversity of characters of the team – from white which is symbolic of wholeness, peace and freedom, black with its mysteriousness and elegant look and grey with its emphasis on the logical and reserved behavior that can bring both either harmony or a sense of melancholy to the more colorful choices – red for passion, power and ambition, green for energy, new beginnings and openness, blue for hard work, loyalty and seriousness, brown for stability and trust and orange for warmth, happiness and liveliness.
The second part of the project continued with the extension of the headquarters that aimed to incorporate several other of the company’s brands there that worked with food. The overall tendency in the past was for the companies to use the space to the maximum with as much work places at the same place as possible without much thought in regards to employees need for privacy and workspace. The architect Stati Statev wanted to use the most natural materials that would reflect the process of creating the products and keep in line with the management’s wish for the office to have an overall feeling of home.
The team wanted to create an open space so “we removed all the walls that the spaced allowed in order to use it optimally.” In order to keep on with the style of the first part of the office again the choice for the desk was Sense but this time in veneer with green panels. The environment is decorated with a lot of wooden elements that create an atmosphere of an office created amidst the forest. “For me personally the most important feeling in an office is functionality, second comes the feeling of the office” – something that the team managed to implement successfully on both accounts.