Projects Office

logo is a Bulgarian company that deals with FOREX trade and financial instruments. chose a modern, stylish and clear cut line for their new office environment with the working desks and cabinets by the Swiss company USM.
The main thing that attracted the management to Herman Miller’s chairs was the 12 year warranty. As financial specialists, they understood the importance of investing in quality furniture that would keep its qualities in time and increase both motivation and productivity. The choice for the working chairs was Celle both due to its design and functionality. The choice for the desks was USM Heller due to its sophisticated and stylish line.
The office is divided into functional zones that call for different solutions.
The reception called for open and friendly atmosphere so the choice was USM Haller combined with HM’s Setu chair. Both brands complement each other in the rest of the office as well. The call center needed an additional modesty panel with acoustic properties that would help to provide privacy to the employees on the back to back positioned desks. The office is placed in modern building with high ceilings that allow for a lot of natural light during the day and for an open space in the office