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Workspace has a tremendous knowledge in building effective and ergonomic office with care of people and their fundamental needs and the type of work performance. Here we share with you some of this knowledge! Enjoy reading!

Three Strategies to Scale Within A Current Space

Change happens at every stage of small business growth—and not always according to plan. When unforeseen changes occur (such as a need to hire additional staff), companies often question the viability of their current space. However, with the right strategy, small businesses can scale within an existing space without having to relocate. Here are three ways to grow without the growing pains.

Put the needs of people first

Planning for future growth starts with a question: How well does a space accommodate the work that needs to happen there? If people are more comfortable working out of the coffee shop down the street than they are at the office, that’s a problem. An office’s ability to bring people together is one of the greatest returns on the real estate investment any business makes. It’s key to the spontaneous interactions that establish rapport among colleagues and can spark new ideas. Therefore, a scalability strategy for space should start by addressing the surroundings, furnishings, and tools people need to do their work.

Define business priorities

It’s difficult for any small business owner to make purposeful choices about making changes to the office without first defining their business priorities. Ideally, the way an office takes shape should reflect the values that are most important to the business. If it’s a priority to build a sense community and a strong company culture, dividing space with high panel walls and sequestering leaders in private offices may not be the best way to use space to achieve that goal.

Treat space like it matters

An office can send a profound message about what a small business stands for. Unfortunately, for many, space is viewed a commodity—nothing more than floors, walls, doors, and windows. By acknowledging the importance of the human experience of work, and the way space enables people to do their best, an office becomes an investment with measurable returns.

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