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Workspace has a tremendous knowledge in building effective and ergonomic office with care of people and their fundamental needs and the type of work performance. Here we share with you some of this knowledge! Enjoy reading!

Flexible Settings in the Conference Room

One of the most important aspects in a modern office environment is the conference areas. Modern companies aim to provide their employees with areas that would help them exchange ideas and thrive in a creative environment. These spaces have long ago merged the boundaries between formal and informal communication, business meetings and workshops.
Modern offices have to be able to answer the needs of the everyday working process. Companies realize that the main factor that drives innovation is teamwork. The importance of communication has to be emphasized through the utilization of space.

Wilkhahn: Function and Elegance

Wilkhahn is “the first and to date only manufacturer worldwide to supply table ranges in a consistent design.” Their portfolio consists of solutions for both static and dynamic configuration in the conference room. This makes integration and adaptability easy and provides the option for versatility for area in the office.

Confair Folding Table

In 1994, Andreas Störiko created Confair folding table, a design that has shaped the future of conferencing and to this day remains a best seller. As a student, Störiko creates a concept for a conference folding table that can be opened in one motion without the use of additional tools. This is an elegant innovative technology that is made of highest quality materials and functional design that set the trends for the future of dynamic conferencing.


Following the success of Confair, Wilkhahn continued innovating conference solutions with the utilization of space and optimizing of communication with the Timetable series. Timetable’s mechanism is designed so that the top can be folded on its horizontal axis. This allows space to be saved whenever the tables are not in use and extremely easy rearranging of configurations when needed.

Logon Conference Table

Logon is a static solution for the conference areas. However, due to the consistent design between the products in Wilkhahn’s conference series it allows for core configuration that can be easily expanded with dynamic solutions. Wilkhahn describes Logon as “geometry of aesthetics” with variety of modules that can create versatile configurations. The table uses minimum amount of legs, without compromising its stability, that are placed at the edge of the table. A single leg is needed to join two tables together.

Quality, Innovation and Elegance

Multi-media integration

Wilkhahn offers multimedia integration for their conference solutions. This means that in areas that are used for different purposes, this is an extremely valuable solution that only requires the users to connect up the equipment in different layouts in no time. The multimedia integration doesn’t restrict the use of the tables’ functionality. The modules can be configured according to the client’s needs. This means that, for example, with a single floor port we can have USB, network, media and power outlets. The modules can be easily accessed by sliding them out.

Table Finishes

The table finishes are offered in a wide choice of veneers, laminates and linoleum. Wood would always give a classic look to any environment. Wilkhahn offers natural wood as well as stained surfaces and industrially produced genuine veneer. For heavy use it’s recommended to use laminates due to the sturdiness achieved during the production of bonding cellulose and décor paper layers. Linoleum is the less robust choice however it has a very nice touch and leaves no fingerprints.

Versatile Pattern Planning

Combination of the tables can switch from one conference area to two, to banqueting tables. In the same area can be held workshops, executive meetings or brainstorming sessions for teams throughout the day in no time.


Technology has changed radically the office environment and the work process. Companies realize that it’s the employees that drive the knowledge and innovation and this can only be met through team work. There is one word that describes the future office environment and that’s ‘flexible’ – flexible communication and flexible work environment that are supported by a corporate culture that values creativity and proactiveness.

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