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Workspace has a tremendous knowledge in building effective and ergonomic office with care of people and their fundamental needs and the type of work performance. Here we share with you some of this knowledge! Enjoy reading!

New Behaviors Trump New Technology when Designing for Long Haul

Smart devices, unified communications channels, and natural forms of interface, e.g., voice and gesture, are creating new behaviors in the workplace, but the physical workplace hasn’t kept up.

Instead, the office often feels like an obstacle, like when your device needs charging, but there’s no outlet in sight. Or the presentation you developed on your new MacBook Air can’t be shared with the roomful of people staring at you expectantly because the room’s display was set up for PCs (and your seventh-grader has the adapter).

In order to design workplaces in which technology works seamlessly for people, Herman Miller has been identifyingrelevant technology trends and emerging behaviors. We believe that workplace design that’s based on behaviors will remain relevant for longer than design based on new technology.

Furthermore, it’s clear that creating these improved workplaces also depends on professionals in several disciplines—real estate, human resources, and especially facility management and information technology—collaborating early and in new ways during facility planning.


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