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USM Kitos Table

USM Kitos is high tech solution that was designed to meet the demands of a modern work environment. Kitos is able to switch seamlessly from a conference table to a work desk.

Brand: USM

Designer: Paul Schaerer and Fritz Haller


Brand: USM

Designer: Paul Schaerer and Fritz Haller

USM Kitos combines intelligent technology with sophisticated design. The table provides the option of adjusting the height and the angle of the table electronically which allows for people to work sitting or standing. The maximum extended height is 1.3m.


According to USM “form follows function” a principle the company has followed for almost half a century. A principle that was set in 1960 when Paul Schaerer, an engineer, met the Swiss Architect Fritz Haller. The result was the creation of a modular system wit unique vision for utilizing form, function and space.

What followed the success of the innovative modular storage was the design of a furniture system to continue the flexible product line and answer the needs of the business.

USM has extended its product lines to include USM
Kitos and USM Display based on “the original concept of an open system and the ability to respond to changing