Telerik Office


Telerik is a leading software company founded in Bulgaria that creates tools for project management, collaboration, development and testing that aims to make the process of software development faster, more stable and richer than ever before. The company’s motto “Deliver more than expected” can be seen in every aspect of their business –the relationships with their clients, as well as their employees. This approach led Telerik to Workspace Bulgaria and the products of Herman Miller that were a perfect match for the company’s values and pursuit of high quality. “We innovate and don’t imitate” says the team and they wanted to reflect that in their office, creating an environment that stimulates new ideas.
Telerik is a company that puts a lot of emphasis on the relationships with their employees which makes them one of the most wanted and liked employers in Bulgaria. When Telerik decided to spread their office to the building next to their first office they turned to Workspace to help them in the task of offering their employees the best possible comfort. The beginning of the process the administrative manager Vladimir Markov says started with a reference for the company and a research on all of their options. “What you offered was an innovative technology something that grabbed us from the beginning” says Markov. While functionality was the main reason to choose Herman Miller’s products, Markov says that design also played an important role with its modern lines.
The project started with interior consulting that offered several different layouts for the company to choose from. The office building has a round shape which made the interior design of the furniture a difficult task. Telerik chose Sense 120 desks that provided the perfect solution for the space, and worked nicely in the separation of the teams with green panels. For the walls was used color concept for the organization of the round space. The choice for the seating was between Celle and Mirra but due to the need for maximum comfort in the 8-10 work hours in front of the computer, the final decision was for Mirra in Citron. This created an environment that matched the corporate colors and created a bright and stimulating atmosphere, where every employee has a feeling of his own work space and at the same time is part of the close team work.