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Distinct look and classic elegant design are characteristic features of Modus chair. The chair has breathable seat that allows the body to relax and keeps the pelvis right. The upholstery is designed to be changed guaranting the chair’s life.

Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: Klaus Franck, Werner Sauer and wiege


Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: Klaus Franck, Werner Sauer and wiege

It’s the ultimate chair for the modern management that brings both comfort and style to the work place. The series are available as work, manager, visitor and cantilever chair.


Modus combines the most important features of the work chair in perfect balance – design, look, research, technology, ergonomics and concern for its environmental impact.

Modus is offered in a range of fabrics and leather, surfaces and upholstery so that it can adapt to the user’s needs and requirements.