Tesy Office


Tesy was founded in 1990 in Bulgaria with the mission to create and manufacture better products by understanding consumer’s needs in home comfort. The company is young and dynamic and their motivation has led them to become one of the fastest growing companies in its field in Bulgaria. Tesy provides comforts for users of more than 50 countries. For their office, the company needed furniture that would be in line with their dynamic and clear cut vision for the business.
Workspace offered the company several different solutions to establish effectively the different departments without compromising the team communication and close work. The office space allowed for flexibility where Sense fitted perfectly – both due to is dynamic design and clear cut look that was accessorized with modesty panels in the company corporate blue colors. Mirra completed the look with its design and ergonomics and colors in white/grey? The final result is a futuristic office with an open airy atmosphere.
The process of choosing the right furniture was very detailed and thorough – the managers were very persistent when it came to the need for both design and comfort, which meant a series of meetings where they met closely with the features and benefits of both Sense and Mirra. The managements’ work place is not in a separate office but together with the rest of the company’s employees. The furniture allowed for both privacy and close team work which was what a technically oriented company like Tesy needed.
The director’s office is a combination of the German brand Wilkhahn’s ON chair – the first 3D chair in the world – both for working and visitors chair, and the Swiss brand USM Haller – a system of furniture based on modular architectural structures combining elegance and technical perfection.