ALD Automotive


ALD Automotive Bulgaria is part of the Societe Generale group of companies which specialize in provision of operational leasing including services and fleet management.

The company has entrusted us from Workspace Bulgaria for the layout and selection of acoustic solutions for their office. According to recent research, sound has a very big impact on our productivity in the office. Today, many workspaces struggle with poor acoustics, and noise reduction is becoming increasingly important for any modern office.

For ALD Automotive Bulgaria we have chosen the acoustic solution BuzziTilein (from the Belgian brand Buzzi Space) in various geometric shapes that capture unnecessary noise and minimize it.  These panels are not only functional, but also improve the design of the space in which they are placed.

For the privacy of the employees, ALD Automotive also has a Framery O booth from the Finnish company Framery, which also fits perfectly into the interior and contributes to the smooth conduct of conversations – personal, business and conference calls.

What the client thinks about our work:

"We are grateful to Workspace for the professionalism, patience and creativity with which they treated our project. It is a real pleasure to work with them. The team is dedicated and carefully finds a solution to every problem and challenge. Workspace is a partner you can trust”.