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Mirra 2

Improved, Advanced and Elegant Design

Mirra 2 is a worthy successor of the original Mirra chair. Ten years later the creators of the original design, Studio 7.5, decided to keep the chair on the top of the ergonomic design trends.

Brand: Herman Miller

Designer: Studio 7.5

Warranty: 12-year, 3-shift


Brand: Herman Miller

Designer: Studio 7.5

Chair Adjustments (according to the model some of these features are optional):

Height: intuitive control of the height of the seat

Depth: FlexFront mechanism that allows the sitter to control the front edge of the chair.

Posture Fit: the mechanism allows adjustment of the tension control of the pelvis.

Tilt Mechanism : HarmonicTilt allows the sitter to change the tension, the position of the limiter and allow for the forward tilt to follow you when your work requires you to sit forward while mirroring the body’s natural pivot points.

Armrests: you can change the height, width and angle of the armrests.

Lumbar Support: the lumbar area of the spine is the part that varies the most in humans so it is important to position the support according to your own arch.


Mirra has sold more than 1.5 million chairs and the designers felt it is time to change it together with the constantly evolving work environment. “Every molecule counts” is the goal the team used for their creation. Mirra 2 is designed to follow the slightest of movements. 

The more dynamic work life asks for a chair that provides support in motion. The emphasis on performance and lightness is clearly visible in every part of the design.

ButterflyBack: support mechanism created by merging fabric with polymer threads.

Reinveted HarmonicTilt: a mechanism designed to reflect the body’s natural pivot points.

FlexFront: a feature that allows the sitter to control the depth of the seat by rolling the front end of the chair.