Sum Up Office


SumUp is Europe's leading mobile payments company. The company has significantly increased the size of its employees in the last few years. SumUp is based on team spirit and creativity, and the  quality recruitment is just the first step. The lack of ephemeral path, and the creative and modern office are just some of the secrets of the company`s success and identity. As a result of  the variety of shared activities, the workday in the office is transformed into a exciting experience. The main ingredient is to provide a work environment that supports, inspires and helps employees stay fresh and focused. We at Workspace Bulgaria understand this and strive to apply it through our experience in every office we furnish.

The design of SumUp's office is in industrial style, and the open plan makes it extremely bright and spacious. The choice of chair is the Mirra 2 model of the Herman Miller brand. It fits perfectly with the creative look of the workspace and contributes to a healthy work environment through all its ergonomic functions and settings. The solution for the personal belongings of the employees is the small and comfortable containers under the desk of the Italian manufacturer Dieffebi, which are combined with the color of the frame of the chair.

The acoustics in the office is guaranteed by the booths from Framery brand. They can be used both for personal and conference calls, and also as a small meeting rooms.