Conference Spaces / Conference Tables


Extremely stackable, light-weight and high quality, Contas is a versatile solution for every executive offices as well as conference, meeting and seminar rooms. The ingenious design allows the table to be folded and stack on top of each other. Thanks to connecting leaves the tables can be linked together without any tools.

Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: wiege, Fritz Frenkler, Anette


Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: wiege, Fritz Frenkler, Anette

Successful companies require areas that adapt to the needs of its employees whether its a conference meeting, a training or a workshop. The flexiblity of Contas makes it a perfect solution for all the needs of a modern office. Contas pays dividends with its quality, durability and intelligent design.


With every new product, Wilkhahn presents a new technology that aims to answer the needs of the modern office environment and improve the productivity of its users.

In Contas’case, a “fully integral multiple connector plate allows individual tables and connecting leaves to be linked to form complex table configurations without the use of tools” according to Wilkhahn. Due to the foldable legs the tables can be easily stacked on top of each other.