Conference Spaces / Conference Tables

Concentra and Conversa

Concentra and Conversa were designed for offices that want to have areas as flexible as possible whether it’s for work, meetings, studying or having meals. Size and form can be chosen according to the requirements of the area.

Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: wiege


Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: wiege

The Concentra and Conversa tables are designed as modular systems that can be seamlessly linked to each other. The tables can be coated or chrome-plated, with wood-based or glass tops. Wilkhahn says the tables can be used in “offices for one, project or recreational rooms, for seminars and meetings, or even in prestigious conference facilities or executive offices.”


Concentra table is offered with round legs while Conversa table has square legs. The tables accessories can be easily placed and removed as needed. This makes the change of their purpose very easy. The tables can have coated or chromium-plated frames, with coated, laminated, or veneered wooden panels and glass with an opaque varnish.