Conference Spaces / Conference Chairs


Multipurpose Application, Adaptability and Simplicity

While it’s true that everyone is different and we all have our preferences for our work process the one thing that remains constant is the need to feel comfortable. Setu manages to offer the option of feeling good no matter where we are.

Brand: Herman Miller

Designer: Studio 7.5

Warranty: 12-year, 3-shift


Brand: Herman Miller

Designer: Studio 7.5

Designing a chair that fits all is a complex task that needs solution that is simple and adaptable. How Studio 7.5 manages that? The answer is by creating a mechanism that supports not only the movement of the human body but also intuitively mimics the function and flexibility of the spine itself. Or as Herman Miller say: “It’s mathematics in place of mechanisms.”


Kinematic Spine: intuitive technology that is designed to adapt to the movement of the sitter’s spine and mimic its flexibility without the need of additional adjustments.

Mesh fabric that is designed to provide additional comfort with its suspension properties while keeping the temperature of the body neutral providing maximum comfort.

Intuitive mechanism with no need for additional adjustment for multipurpose use.