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Aline is the ultimate multipurpose chair that is leader in aesthetics, style and lightness. Minimum use of materials, airy feeling, quality endurance and unique stackability are the four characteristics that best describe it.

Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: Andreas Störiko


Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: Andreas Störiko

Aline is offered as a skid-base and swivel chair and bar stool. Aline has a design that is suitable for every interior that can be compactly stacked up to 15 chairs.

At ORGATEC 2014 Aline-S was added to the family with its unique personality. The chair is covered with elastic membranes making it comfortable and stylish.


Aline range is designed by Andreas Störiko as a multipurpose chair for communications areas. The chair is made of strong plastic and chromium-plated steel base giving it lightweight feeling.

The chair can be stacked up to 15 chairs by themselves and up to 25 with a stacking trolley.