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USM Haller Table

The USM Haller Table was designed more than 45 years ago – intelligent design, sophisticated look and timeless style. The tables match perfectly with the USM Haller Modular Furniture, complementing every interior with their clear lines.

Brand: USM

Designer: Paul Schaerer and Fritz Haller


Brand: USM

Designer: Paul Schaerer and Fritz Haller

USM Haller Tables are offered in a variety of sizes, colors and finishes providing limitless options and making it possible to match every interior – formal or informal. The Haller Table is offered with a wide range of accessories – privacy screens, wire systems, shelves etc.


According to USM “form follows function” a principle the company has followed for almost half a century. A principle that was set in 1960 when Paul Schaerer, an engineer, met the Swiss Architect Fritz Haller. The result was the creation of a modular system with unique vision for utilizing form, function and space.

What followed the success of the innovative modular storage was the design of a furniture system to continue the flexible product line and answer the needs of the business.