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Public Office Landscape

Public Office Landscape is designed on the basis that communication helps employees work better. According to the desginer Yves Behar every part of the office should provide a space for collaboration.

Brand: Herman Miller

Designer: Yves Behar

Warranty: 12-year, 3-shift


Brand: Herman Miller

Designer: Yves Behar

Environment Friendly Design:

Social Chair: 88% recyclable,22% recycled content

Individual Suite: 62% recyclable, 22% recycled content

Group Setting: 64% recyclable, 39% recycled content

Public Office Landscape is a modular system that can be assembled to suit an organization’s needs. Configurations of the different components form group areas that enable collaboration in close to work spaces.


While technology has given us a way of working anywhere we want, people still choose the office because it’s a place where we can communicate, collaborate and exchange ideas.

Herman Miller reaserch indicates 70% of collaboration at work happens on the work places. Unlike any other system Public provides a way for employees to work casually.

Public Office Landscape provides the work environment with a smooth transition between areas for collaboration and the work places for focused work.