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Atlas Office Landscape

Atlas Office Landscape is a work system which brings together height-adjustability and collaborative working in one elegant solution. With a unique “no beam” structure, it frees the workspace from clutter so people can sit or stand in comfort, adapting postures to their activities. Make the space your own by combining desks, screens, tables and storage elements to create places that invite collaboration, focused activity or impromptu meetings.

Brand: Herman Miller

Designer: Tim Wallace

Warranty: 12-year


Reflecting Herman Miller’s long history and expertise in pioneering innovative work systems, Atlas Office Landscape differs from a standard sit-to-stand desking system. A simplified and consistent approach to both componentry and electric options makes configuring and creating large groups of height-adjustable desks as easy as a single workstation. Integrated storage and meeting tables ensure Atlas has the flexibility to meet each individual’s needs with ease.


Herman Miller’s long heritage in pioneering work systems led us to approach designer Tim Wallace for a new height-adjustable solution which reflected desking requirements for the 21st century. He immediately saw an opportunity to create something that worked with the whole office environment. “To me the problem wasn’t in creating a single desk; there are plenty of examples of those,” says Tim. “The real challenge comes when that single desk needs to be multiplied and then fitted into a space. I saw the opportunity for a system that really benefited the working environment, both today and in the future.”