Conference Spaces / Conference Tables


As a member of the Wilkhahn family, Travis is designed for every need of the conference and meeting rooms and manager’s office. It’s available in rectangular, oval and boat-shaped free standing tables that can be purchased up to 3.6 meters in length, as well as corner and extension elements.

Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: wiege


Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: wiege

Uniqueness, quality and durability – features that make Travis stand out as state-of-the-art conference solution. The modular system make it possible to have any form and configuration, and single tables can be up to 3.6 meters. The table is offered with two leg versions and three edge profiles. The finishes can be chosen from the high quality Wilkhahn collection.


The modern office environment requires constant communication and frequent meetings. Conference solutions are a requirement and priority when a company sets the design for its interiors. These areas have to reflect the company values and at the same time encourage exchange of ideas and discussions.

In order to be able to answer the individual needs of every company, Travis offers customization and flexibility that lies in every Wilkhahn design combined with high quality, durability and innovation.