Lounge Areas / Single Seaters


The most fascinating characteristic in Velas is its minimalism and sleek crisp lines. The high quality cover of the chair is made from innovative material that provides ultimate comfort and can be replaced when they wear out.

Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: Eric Degenhardt


Velas is suitable for communication areas that aim to attract people where they can discuss ideas. Its modern and crisp lines make it perfect addition for lounge areas in the work environment. The design is made of a lightweight structure of the chair that is supported by a solid metal frame. Velas series includes lounge chair, foot stool and side table.


Velas covers are made from a material that has great elasticity that supports the spine, providing more comfort and making it a healthy choice. The knitted pattern creates a seamless sleeve that is pulled over the chair. The covers are designed to be replaced once they wear out.