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Locale is designed so that people can connect in their work place. Locale integrates into open office plans so that the enivronment enables people to switch effortlessly between collaborating and working alone.

Brand: Herman Miller

Designer: Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

Warranty: 12-year, 3-shift


Brand: Herman Miller

Designer: Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

Locale is desined so that people can work close to each other comfortably, be able to focus and work independantly and collaborate and be creative. Successful companies realize that productivity is born out of collaboration of people working together. Productive teams consist of individuals that contribute with creative ideas and the office layout has to contribute to the fluid work of these high-performance teams.


Locale’s designed with the idea of arranging activities and people close to each other.Locale’s height-adjustable tops aim to create a feeling of openness,interact with people and accomodate for multiple working styles. The legs of the table are created so that they are a minimal number and would not obstruct movement between areas.”