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Elegance, Innovation and Freedom

The Sayl chair was designed to have as few materials as possible that would keep the cost at its minimum without sacrificing comfort. The back of the chair was inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge.

Brand: Herman Miller

Designer: Yves Behar

Warranty: 12-year, 3-shift


Brand: Herman Miller

Designer: Yves Behar

Chair Adjustments (according to the model some of these features are optional):

Height: intuitive control of the height of the seat

Depth: the handles in the front of the seat mechanism that allows the sitter to control the depth of the front edge of the chair.

Tilt Mechanism : allows the sitter to change the tension, the position of the limiter and allow for the forward tilt to follow you when your work requires you to sit forward while mirroring the body’s natural pivot points.

Armrests: you can change the height, width and angle of the armrests.

Lumbar Support: the lumbar area of the spine is the part that varies the most in humans so it is important to position the support according to your own arch.


The Sayl chair is one of the most recent addition to the collection of work chairs of Herman Miller created by Yves Behar. The chair’s suspension has the fewest possible contact with the Y-shaped frame where the sitters needs support for their spine and allows the sitter to be enfolded by the suspension net of the chair without obstacles.

3D Intelligent Suspension Technology: the central point of the design of the back is its suspension hinged on the y-shaped support in the right places to keep the flexible movement in the places the body needs freedom and support in the thoracic, lumbar and sacrum areas.