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FS Line

“Sitting without a license” is the slogan Wilkhahn uses for their iconic worldwide seller series FS Line. More than thirty years ago the company made a breakthrough research that focused on the importance of work chairs on people’s health and comfort.

Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: Klaus Franck and Werner Sauer


Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: Klaus Franck and Werner Sauer

The human body is not designed to stay motionless for prolonged periods of time so the aim was to create a chair that brings mobility back in sitting. The series are available as work, conference, visitor and cantilever chair.


The tension control is located under the chair and gives the option of controlling the resistance of the back of the chair. The flexible middle section is covered with mesh.

FS Line has more than two million chairs sold worldwide that alone serves as a proof for the reliability and quality of the concept.Three swivel axes are designed to allow the seat, backrest and armrests to follow the user’s motions.