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Pinnacle of the Development of Ergonomic Comfort and Functional Design

Embody is one of the latest work chair by Herman Miller that combines the knowledge from the years of research spent on the company’s previous work chairs that have proved their worth for years. It’s a design created with one purpose – functional form and maximum comfort.

Brand: Herman Miller

Designer: Bill Stumpf | Jeff Weber

Warranty: 12-year, 3-shift


Brand: Herman Miller

Designer: Bill Stumpf | Jeff Weber

Chair Adjustments (according to the model some of these features are optional):

Height: intuitive control of the height of the seat

Depth: FlexFront mechanism that allows the sitter to control the front edge of the chair.

Backfit: the adjustment on the back of the chair allows you to control the arch of the back.

Tilt Mechanism : allows the sitter to change the tension, the position of the limiter and allow for the forward tilt to follow you when your work requires you to sit forward while mirroring the body’s natural pivot points.

Armrests: you can change the height, width and angle of the armrests.


Embody is a chair that will not only follow your movement but make you move so that it keeps both your body and your mind flexible. The back of the chair is designed to look like a spine intentionally because the shape conforms to your own spine perfectly and provides maximum support and the narrow width allows you arms to move freely.

Instinctive Back: the design that looks like a spine itself conforms to the curves of the sitter encouraging free movement and eliminating pressure. The narrow shape supports your back in all the right places while at the same time allowing your arms to move freely.

Tilt Mechanism : the tilt mechanism of embody is unique as it was designed with the needs of the people that spent most of their time on computers in mind. Every support is built in with intuitive controls so that you move without conscious effort.

Pixelated Support: the seat consist of four layers – global spring, local spring, mat and textile layer designed to accommodate your shape at the slightest of movements and distribute evenly your weight.

Size: the design was created with the aim to accommodate nearly every person with its full adjustable mechanisms similarly to Aeron that comes in three sizes.