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Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub are known as one of the best designer of furniture and once again they proved that by creating “the crème de la crème” of conference chairs in Wilkhahn’s collection named Graph.

Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: jehs + laub


Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: jehs + laub

The chair has a remarkable visual aesthetics that create the feeling of both style and class, and visual lightness and functionally. The chair is designed to provide comfort without the need of any additional mechanics. Graph is a sophisticated, elegant and slender chair that brings style and comfort to any conference room.


Graph is an elegant and formal conference chair available in two backrest heights. The chair provides great comfort to the sitter due to its three-point support and upholstery. The frame has a base that can be in die-cast aluminium, bright chromium plated or polished.

Graph’s advanced concept provides comofort and innovative design at the same time with supreme quality. Graph is offered in a choice of high quality covers from the Wilkhahn collection.