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The Stitz chair inspires motion. It’s been clearly established in the ergonomic researches on prolonged sitting that the body is not naturally designed to stay that position motionless for long periods of time and we must stand up as often as possible.

Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: Produkt Entwicklung Roericht


Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: Produkt Entwicklung Roericht

Stitz chair is fun and innovative solution to this problem that encourages you to move, while standing up or more precisely while leaning on it. It provides comfort while keeping your body alert while improving blood circulation.


The design of the Stitz chair is unique, beside all the health benefits, it’s a fun addition to every office that brings people together and encourages communication.

According to Wilkhahn “a study by the Centre of Health at the German Sport University Cologne confirms that Stitz activates our metabolic functions, enhances our sense of equilibrium and gives our muscles something to do without overtaxing them.”