Lounge Areas / Canteen & Bar Chairs


Ceno is a chair suitable for both formal and informal meetings as well as cafeterias and waiting areas. High quality design and craftsmanship are offered in a variety of colors and fabrics

Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: Laeufer + Keichel


Brand: Wilkhahn

Designer: Laeufer + Keichel

Nowadays, business life requires fast decision making and spontaneous meetings. With the change of pace, the line between formal and informal meetings is constantly merging and both tend to happen in the same place. The furniture has to be able to adapt and answer to both situations. Ceno answers all of the needs of the modern meeting areas.


“Ceno combines the business-like functionality of a stackable, ergonomic conference chair with the welcoming comfort of a dining room seat.” A solution designed with high quality materials and sleek details. Ceno is offered with the option of adding armrests.